Boy vs Bacteria

Boy vs Bacteria is Richard Åström from Stockholm, Sweden. He makes music that encompasses everything from dance friendly videogamelectronicapop to pure 8-bit music made on an original Nintendo Game Boy. In 2006 he released the self-produced EP The Smallest Sound featuring six Game Boy compositions. In 2010 he picked up the Game Boy once again and released a self titled album called Boy vs. Bacteria. In 2011 he released the record Waste No Sound that features a collection of songs previously released on the internet and some new material. In 2015 he was part of the Domo Loves Chiptune compilation released by Very Much Records with the song Pixel City Moonlight. In recent times he has made several soundtracks for video games like the Hanger and BotHeads game series made by the indie game company A Small Game of which he also is a part of. He also made the soundtrack to the game GUNSCAPE by Blowfish Studios released in 2016.

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